“Laurent Marissal (Painterman) subverted his time working as a museum security guard in favor of pictorial pursuits. After 70 clandestine actions and the formation of a union, he obtained an increase in break-time and a reduction of work hours, and then resigned. To avoid misappropriating work hours at his new job (art history professor), he extends these actions to his leisure time.

In 2011, he was invited to Montréal by Skol for Gosser le furtif. In 2012, he continues to pursue his activities at Skol by editing –NADA, a journal outlining his series of actions covering the space that separates him from Canada. The pictorial actions of Painterman are revealed in various forms (blog, videos, murals…) and his clandestine actions appear in two publications (Pinxit I & II), published through incertain sens press.”

“Marissal’s first bulletin board was installed at the Musée Gustave Moreau during a series of actions conducted while the clandestine painter was employed as a security guard and union activist. The format was reprised at the Centre national de l’estampe et de l’art imprimé at Chatou, where it remained active for two years, and also at the Galerie Rachlin Lemarié, and the Galerie Interface in Dijon. The board enables a variety of furtive actions to occur (those of the artist, his accomplices, or actions he discovers within the urban space), all while giving the posted information a slightly cryptic or subversive form.

Furtiveness is characterized by its discretion, its vague classification, its volatile presence… Installed in the intermediate zone between the street and the gallery, the bulletin board, despite its administrative form and its apparent disorder, enables a display that does not alter these gestures. The display of the furtive gesture remains furtive itself.”

Jérôme gonthier, Painterman scripsun, pinxunt, NADA#8 hublot (extrait de magic circus), 2013, édition clandestines S.I.N.D

Painterman pinxit, NADA#9 in the wake of Glenn, 2013, édition clandestines S.I.N.D

Painterman pinxit, NADA#10 snowball (action sede vacate#2), 2013, édition clandestines S.I.N.D

Painterman pinxit, NADA#11 Entre deux papes-fig1, 2013, édition clandestines S.I.N.D

Painterman pinxit, NADA#13 snowball (action sede vacante#2), 2013, édition clandestines S.I.N.D


Laurent Marissal: —NADA