From his website:
Nathaniel Russell was born and raised in Indiana. After college, Russell spent several years in the San Francisco Bay Area making posters, record covers, and woodcuts. He returned to his home city of Indianapolis and now spends his time creating drawings, fake fliers, bad sculptures, wood shapes, and music. Russell’s work is regularly shown around the world in both traditional galleries and informal spaces, usually surrounded by an expanding list of friends, collaborators, and like-minded folk. He frequently returns to his second home of California to work with friends on projects as varied as murals, print workshops, and backyard musical performances.


Jacob Gardner, No title no master, [California], Crookedarm, no date, 21.9 x 14 cm, risography, 28 pp, 50 copies.


Rich Jacobs, Russ Pope, Nathaniel Russell, FACE FACE FACE, [California], Crookedarm, no date, 21.9 x 14 cm, inkjet & photocopy, 36 pp, 50 copies.


Nathaniel Russell, Failed memoirs, [California], Crookedarm, no date, 21.9 x 14 cm, offset, 64 pp, 300 copies.