ARTZINES.INFO is an online database for zines created and selfpublished by contemporary artist. ARTZINES is a transmedia research project run by artist publisher antoine lefebvre editions. Supported by Phil Aarons, this research project aims to produce a reference book on the subject of contemporary art zines. As an artist researcher, it is important for lefebvre to imagine new creative ways of doing research. Therefore, ARTZINES.INFO will allow the public to access the unedited data of this research project as it is collected. This website and the zines produced by ARTZINES during this research process will show the progress made toward the publication of the book.


The ARTZINES project has two goals: first to define a new category of artist publications at the crossing of DIY counter culture and contemporary art, second to describe the recent evolution in the field of independent artist publications and self publications over the past 15 years. To achieve this, the project will show how influential the punk scene has been, as one of the last transdisciplinary avant-garde movements in the modern era. By being both an incentive to take action, and a mechanism of self empowerment, the Punk movement planted the seeds of a whole new era in the field of artist publications. Greil Marcus coined this influence as a “Secret history of the 20th century”, an alternative history of art. Continuing on with punk’s legacy, and the history and tradition of the artists’ books, artzines are a subgenre in the broader realm of zines, but they can be divided into as many subgenres as the zines themselves (perzine, queerzine, photozine, graphzine, etc…).


antoine lefebvre editions is the publishing structure and nom de plume of artist publisher Antoine Lefebvre.
Lefebvre holds a Phd in Fine Arts from the Sorbonne where he teaches. His dissertation is titled « Portrait of the Artist as a Publisher, Publishing as an Alternative Artistic Practice ». He created La Bibliotheque Fantastique (2009-2013), a publishing structure for artists’ books that has been shown in several countries and acquired by numerous libraries and museums, such as the MoMA, Kunst bibliothek and Centre Pompidou. Lefebvre also curates and publishes for a small number of emerging artists from around the world and contributes to make their work visible.



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