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Shintaro Kago (駕籠 真太郎 Kago Shintarō?, born 1969), is a Japanese guro manga artist. He debuted in 1988 on the magazine COMIC BOX.

Shintaro Kago’s style has been called “fashionable paranoia”. He has been published in several adult manga magazines, gaining him considerable popularity. Many of his manga have strongly satirical overtones, and deal with grotesque subjects such as extreme sex, scatology and body modification.

He has also written Sci-Fi non-guro manga, most notably Super-Conductive Brains Parataxis (超伝脳パラタクシス Choutennou Paratakushisu) for Weekly Young Jump. Many of his shorts are experimental and bizarre. He frequently breaks the fourth wall, and he likes to play with the page layout in extreme ways, mostly for comedic effect.

On April 4, 2006 an exhibition of his works, called Unsanitary Condition Exhibition (不衛生博覧会 Fueisei Hakurankai) was opened. Similarly, in the same month the first edition of his personal movie convention called Shit Film Festival (うんこ映画祭, Unko Eigasai) was held by him. From September 3–15, 2007, the Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo held another exhibition of his works, called Unsanitary Festival in the Cool of the Night (納涼不衛生まつり Nōryō fueisei matsuri). Kago Shintaro has been invited for a new exhibition outside Japan: Unsanitary Hong Kong Exhibition at CIA (Culture Industries Association) 19/03-21/04 2013 ( Most recently, his work as been seen as preview material for the newest Flying Lotus release You’re Dead!, set to come out October 7, 2014 in the US (October 6 in the UK) via Warp (record label). He also designed the album’s cover artwork and provided illustrations for each of the album’s songs, which are featured on the inner sleeves of the vinyl album.


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