“Emily Larned is a printer and publisher, artist and designer, writer and educator. She has been publishing since 1993, when as a teenager she produced her first issue of Muffin Bones zine (later followed by Memorytown USA zine, Parfait zine, and many artist books under the imprint Red Charming). Emily is currently Chair and Associate Professor of Graphic Design at SASD, University of Bridgeport, in Connecticut.”


Emily Larned, Parfait Style Sheet 4, no place, Red Charming, no date, 11 x 17″ folded into an enveloppe, letterpress on photocopy


Emily Larned, Now is the time to BUY! ..Do your part, Red Charming [catalogue], Middle-town, Red Charming, August 1999, 3×3″, letterpress cover and photocopy, 16 pp.


Emily Larned, Red Charming [catalogue], middle-town, Red Charming, 2000, 3×3″, letterpress cover and photocopy stapled as a match box, 48 pp.


Emily Larned, Memorytown usa, issue number one, Middle-town, self-published, Summer 1998, 4,5 x 7″, photocopy, 24 pp.


Emily Larned, Basil is dying, or Muffin Bones no 20, Bridgeport, Red Charming, 2011, 4,25 x 5,5″, photocopy, 24 pp.


Emily Larned, Muffin Bones #15, an autobiographical Lit – art – comic sort of zine, Stamford/Middletown, winter 1996-97, 7 x 8,5″, photocopy, 24 pp.


Emily Larned, Muffin Bones #11, Cranberry scone bone issue, Stamford/Middletown, winter 1995-96, 7 x 8,5″, photocopy, 24 pp.