Quentin Chambry (b. 1989) is a French artist from Bretagne who uses a wide range of media including graffiti, drawing, ceramic and publishing. He also runs the gallery 126 in Rennes with Thomas Delahaye
Hugo Maillard and Louis Deschamps. Chambry is fascinated by Japanese culture and recently took a trip there to meet like-minded artists such as HIMAA and Ken Kagami. He came back from this trip with a new zine titled Tokyo or not Tokyo which he printed at the Lawson convenience store. Chambry also knows a bit of Japanese and creates graffitis using Katakanas, one of the two Japanese syllabic alphabet used to write foreign words.


Quentin Chambry,Tokyo or not Tokyo, Tokyo, Self-published, May 2016, A6 format, Photocopy, 16 pp., 30 copies.


Quentin Chambry,ÔÔH!!, Self-published, October 2016, A5 format, Photocopy, 20 pp., 35 copies.


Quentin Chambry,Illeterate Graffitis Attempts, Self-published, January 2016, A5 format, Photocopy, 40 pp., 35 copies.


Quentin Chambry,QG, Self-published, Summer 2016, A5 format, Photocopy, 36 pp., 25 copies.


Quentin Chambry & Sergej Vutuc, [Moze Moze?], Heilbronn – Berlin – Dresden, selfpublished, 2014, Photocopy, 20 pp.