“Je suis né puis j’ai été à l’école, j’étais très mauvais à l’école, je faisais de la dysorthographie, à 18 ans j’ai été dans une école d’art, c’était une époque où la France avait une politique culturelle à la fin des années 80 qui était de faire comprendre l’art à tout le monde : il fallait que l’art soit partout, dans les champs, dans les cités HLM, dans la rue, chez les gens, même les usines abandonnées se transformaient en centres d’art, c’était 20 ans après mai 68. A l’école d’art on lisait les livres de Jean Baudrillard ou Paul Virilio, c’était super de lire ces livres pour moi qui aimais regarder des films de SF, après l’école d’art je suis parti en voyage, je faisais des conférences pseudo scientifiques, je n’avais rien à vendre, au milieu des années 90”


Olivier Nourisson on Zines

Olivier Nourisson on Salon Anti-Aufklarung


Most of Nourisson’s work are instruments to observe the world which he makes with scrap material found in dumpsters. These artworks are usually functional, but nobody has been crazy enough to consider going under water in a wooden submarine. Instead, Nourisson placed the “anti-Aufklärung” submarine at the center of his self-publishing fair of the same name. The first Salon “anti-Aufklärung”* was organized at the Générale en Manufacture, a squat in Sèvres, in March 2015. The second edition of the Salon will be hosted by Le Point Éphémère in Paris the 25th, 26th and 27th of March 2016.

Placed on a rotating pedestal in room full of publications on tables, the submarine becomes an instrument to discover the depths of the self-publishing world. Through monumental installations, performances and readings, the public will discover the gems of the self-publishing world straight out of the abyss that the lights of powerful spotlights cannot reach. A few dozen exhibitors will be present, and sometimes the murmurs of the crowd will be broken by performances and virulent voices.

Designed as an exhibition rather than an alignment of books on tables, the salon’s team encourages the invited self-publishers to invade the walls with their publications in order to fill the entire space.

Nourisson started making zines in the early 1980s, when he was a young aspiring artist. He was already disgusted by the art world and created Fact’Art and Has Been, two faux art magazines making fun of the latest trends. In De l’art moderne chez vous he parodied DIY guides, and explained how to make your own modern art masterpiece. In 1990, he created the hilarious SPLATCH, the first magazine entirely colored with pencils.

In 1998, Nourisson started publishing another kind of zine in Montréal. In the first issue of Slash Zone, he warns the reader: “The format, the layout, the typography, the issues and the images in this magazine were conceived, in their entrety [sic], by a machine in the sole purpose of seducing  as many westerners as possible.” Nourisson allowed his publications to be scanned entirely, come check them out on ARTZINES.INFO.


* In The Dialectic of Enlightenment (Dialektik der Aufklärung), Adorno denounced the cultural industry and the Enlightenment who wanted to emancipate man through culture. For him, widespread cultural industry produces the opposite effect, leading to the standardization of lifestyles and domination of an economic logic.


Click on the covers to dowload the zines:

Olivier_Nourisson-De l'art moderne chez vous-1Olivier Nourisson, De l’Art Moderne chez vous, FactArt, Tours, self-published, 1989, photocopy, 40 pp, 300 copies.


Olivier_Nourisson-Fact-Art-1Olivier Nourisson, FactArt, Hors Série, Tours, self-published, 1989, photocopy, 20 pp.


Olivier_Nourisson-Splatch-1Olivier Nourisson, Splatch, Le Magazine de l’artiste moderne, Tours, self-published, 1990, hand colored photocopy, 28 pp, 50 copies.


Olivier_Nourisson-Has Been-1Olivier Nourisson, Has Been, Tours, self-published, 1990, color and B/W photocopy, 20 pp, 100 copies.



Olivier_Nourisson-Slash-Zone-1-1Olivier Nourisson, Slash Zone Magazine #1, Montréal, 1998, Color and B/W photocopy, 24 pp.


Olivier_Nourisson-Slash-Zone-0-1Olivier Nourisson, Slash Zone Magazine #2, Montréal, 1998, Color and B/W photocopy, 36 pp.


Olivier_Nourisson-Slash-Zone-2-1Olivier Nourisson, Slash Zone Magazine #2, Montréal, 2000, inkjet, 24 pp.


Olivier Nourisson, Vibropen, Paris, no date, color photocopy and felt pen, 36 pp.