Jan Bucquoy (French: [bykwa]; born 16 November 1945) is an anarchist and author-filmmaker born in Harelbeke, Belgium who started as a theatre practitioner and who worked as a cartoon-scriptwriter.
After his studies in Strassburg (theatre) and Brussels (Insas) he started his career as an author of about 50 comics: ((Daniel) Jaunes, Le Bal du Rat Mort (1986), Retour au pays noir, Alain Moreau, etc…). With his producer Francis De Smet he made his much acclaimed series of The Sexual Life of the Belgians (with the famous trilogy) which includes 10 movies and documentaries about the whereabouts of Belgian people from the period after the war until now: the surrealist Camping Cosmos (1996) with Lolo Ferrari and Jan Decleir, and with a parody (detournement) of Tintin and Snowy and of the play Mother Courage and Her Children by Bertolt Brecht; The Closing down of the Renault Factory at Vilvoorde Belgium (1998) as a Belgian version of Roger & Me (1989) by Michael Moore; Les Vacances de Noël with Noël Godin and Yolande Moreau (2005) etc… (Source Wikipedia)


Anonymous [Jan Bucquoy], Les Aventures sexuelles d’un jeune reporter, [Belgium], Bastaard-Uitgeverij, no date, photocopied, 80 pp.


Anonymous [Not Jan Bucquoy], Tintin chez les Rastas, Editions Nougatine, no date, photocopied, 44 pp.


(Both zines from the collection of Le Gros Monsieur. On the enveloppe containing them was written “I value these zines more than my own fingers”)