fumiko Imano lives in Hitachi, in the Ibaraki Prefecture. As I haven’t been able to meet her when I was in Tokyo, she was kind enough to answer a few questions by email.

Antoine: Can you please introduce yourself?
fumiko imano: i’m fumiko imano. 42 years old. woman. i call myself “artist”.

A: What can we find in your zines?
fi: i prefer to call them “self published books“ because i didn’t know it was called zine when i started making them, and “zines” are too popular these days so i don’t want my books to be one of them. in my book, you can find my life but you will see it in your way.

A: Why do you make books?
fi: i make books because i didn’t know any publisher who would publish my work, and it was quick and easy to make a book by myself. (waiting is the most hateful thing for me.) this way i could have complete freedom in it. my books are some kind of sculpture called “book.” if one makes an exhibition, you have to go to the place, whereas books can fly anywhere and be your own travelling exhibition.

A: How come most of your photos self-portraits?
fi: in the very beginning, it was for self recognition because i had (have) complex about my appearance.
when i studied fashion photography, i couldn’t collaborate with anybody because i was such a self possessive person that didn’t wanted to give credit to anybody else. it was because i strongly believed that if i collaborate with somebody else, it would no longer be my work. also, if i take pictures of myself, i can shoot anytime, any moment.. through the repetition, seeing myself became kind of therapy…

A: Why do you hate photography?
fi: if you love doing one thing, there will be a time you will hate what you are doing.
i also hate self-portrait sometimes.
it is about love and hate..

fumiko imano, 植物とあたし – plants and me, Hitashi, Self-Published, 2014, 21.3 x 15.0 cm, 48 pp.

fumiko imago, I am difficult to make, Hitashi, Self-Published, hand made wild yeast bread book, 2011.

fumiko imano, I Hate Photography!, Hitashi, Self-Published, 2009, A4 format, Photocopy, 36 pp.

fumiko imago, fumiko imano 1974-2004, Hitashi, Self-Published, 2005, 40 pages,.