Pascal Doury (1956 – 2001) and Bruno Richard (1956 – ) created Elles Sont De Sortie (The Girls are Out or Girls Night Out) in 1977, the year of Punk exploded. They published together more than a hundred issues until Doury died in 2001. Up until today, Richard still publishes the zine, but he never forgets to add “Sans Pascal” —without Pascal— after the name of the publication, as if it were now part of its title.

Sex, Violence, Death and difformities are the main inspirationnal themes treated in ESDS. For Uli Augustynen, who created a website in English dedicated to ESDS (, the work of its two creators is “much in tie with contemporaries like the French ‘Bazooka Group‘ collective, the Spanish ‘Neon de Suro‘ w/ Tomeu Cabot and Art Spiegelman’s ‘RAW Magazine’ in the USA.”

Doury and Richard met in 1966 at the “Maison d’enfants de Sèvres”, a haven for children from broken homes and orphans. They later on drew apart and both followed art studies. They reconnected years later in the mid seventies and published a portfolio which quickly established them with like-minded artists in the Paris Underground scene.

ESDS embraced the whole adult lives and art careers of its founders. While they both worked day jobs, Doury as a typeseter at the newspaper Libération and Richard as an ad copywriter. They both led successful careers as artists in the 1980’s and 1990’s, showing in galleries and publishing zines and books. In the 1990’s, Doury’s participation became more erratic and Richard started putting the mention “Sans Pascal” on new issues of ESDS to show that he was doing it alone.

The consistency of Richard in publishing his zine for almost 40 years makes him the undisputed godfather of the French zine scene. His contributions to other zines are numerous —he is a guest star in every collective zine published.


Bruno Richard, ESDS #60 sans Pascal, Paris, Elles Sont de Sortie, 2002, Photocopy, A5 format, 40 pp..



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