From the blog of the Barnard Zine Library:
“Barnard’s zines are written by women (cis- and transgender) with an emphasis on zines by women of color. We collect zines on feminism and femme identity by people of all genders. The zines are personal and political publications on activism, anarchism, body image, third wave feminism, gender, parenting, queer community, riot grrrl, sexual assault, trans experience, and other topics.
This collection aims to serve the needs of current readers and scholars and those of future researchers, Barnard and Columbia students and faculty, scholars from other academic institutions, and writers doing research for a major publishing house have used zines to research topics such as the Riot Grrrl movement, Sassy magazine, girls and education, radical parenting and other topics. Library science graduate students from around the city have visited and worked with us to learn more about collecting, cataloging and preserving alternative publications. We believe the collection will be an invaluable resource for future scholars. Zines are primary source documents that tell the story of contemporary life, culture, and politics in a multitude of women’s voices that might otherwise be lost. We also hope that current readers will enjoy the collection simply for its vibrancy, humanity, and artistic value. For more information on local zine sources, check out our zine links; there are lots of great organizations in the zine community.”


Jenna Freedman et al., Barnard Zine Library, New York, Barnard College, 2005-2015, Photocopy, 5,5″ x 8,5″, open edition, 16 pp.


Zine Librarians, Code of Ethics Zine, Durham, Zine Librarians (un)Conference, 2015, Photocopy, 5,5″ x 8,5″, open edition, 20 pp.


Katie Giari, Cite This Zine, New York, Barnard Zine Library, 2009, Photocopy, 11″ x 17″ folded into 4,25″ x 5,5″, open edition, 8 pp. (Based on “Cite This Zine” by the Zine Intern, 2006)


Barnard Zine Collection
3009 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

Jenna Freedman, Zine Librarian