Alex Chevalier is a French artist born in 1989.

His work is influenced by the Internationale Situationist and therefore takes the form of actions: zine publishing, bill posting, performances…


Alex Chevalier, Di Spuren #1-4, self-published, no date, 21 x 21 cm, Photocopy on colored paper and silkscreen band.


Chevalier also published a series of white manifestos, which are reprints of famous manifestos without any mention of the orginal title or author.


He is the publisher of Kontakt, a one page magazine that has to this day 13 issues, each one featuring a guest artist.

KONTAKT #1: A. A. Collective

KONTAKT #2: Josh MacPhee

KONTAKT #3: Antoine Moreau

KONTAKT #4: Ai Weiwei & Google Traduction

KONTAKT #5: Antonio Gallego

KONTAKT #6: Alice Popieul

KONTAKT #7: Charlie Jeffery

KONTAKT #8: Roberto Martinez

KONTAKT #9: Hubert Renard

KONTAKT #10: Emma Cozzani et Morgane Gille

KONTAKT #11: Les frères Ripoulin

KONTAKT #12: Nicolas Tourre

KONTAKT #13: Mardi Noir


Black Market by Alex Chevalier

Black Market by Alex Chevalier